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World of Warcraft : $1.9M Sent to Africa to Assist the Red Cross


Blizzard announced today that the sale of its charity pet, “Argi” the Space Goat, has earned $1.9M for ebola relief in Africa through the Red Cross. The charity pets were sold in the World of Warcraft item shop, with 100% of the price going to support the Red Cross efforts in Africa.

The staff at Ejeet Networks are proud owners of an Argi.
Congratulations to World of Warcraft players and to Blizzard for making a difference in the world

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Customer Choice 2014 Awarded

Ejeet Networks is honored to receive the outstanding award for customer choice for the fourth consecutive year, we thank each and everyone of you for voting for us for the best gaming related wordpress web themes released and produced from a independent company. We also in receipt of the award for most helpful customer service via email.customerchoice

We promise to provide more themes very soon and are extremely happy to continue to offer our services leading into our 10th year of business. You can look forward to more world of warcraft templates in the coming months and themes for upcoming mmorpg games.

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New Blood Elf Character Models

Blizzard has been working on updating the character models for blood elves for quite sometime now and with that have released two images one of the male and one of the female set, we have posted these images for you to see. You will eventually see these in world of warcraft while in game and we are willing to say that will be sooner than later.

As you can see they have maintained the elegance of the elfs.

Blood Elf Female Warlords Character Model

Blood Elf Male Warlords Character Model