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World of Warcraft Legends Template for WordPress 4.0

Check out the live demo where you can interact with the website using this template before making any purchasing decisions, you can view the Demo Site HERE.

This template is obviously our very latest and we have decided to release it for sale right now, you can purchase the template with complete recruitment modules, progression trackers and so much more, our templates are easy to administer, we also provide a folder of images with the correct sizes already in place for your own custom images, so this can be spun into its own template, most of our code is released under the GPL which means you can do anything you like to it and that includes customizing the look of your website.



In the next few days we will release more screenshots, details and a video displaying a breakdown of the admin panel inside of WordPress. If you have already looked at the live preview site and want to purchase the template then you can do-so right now in the box below, or if you would like to wait until we post more images that’s ok too but we truly encourage you to view the live demo as its exactly what your site could look like.

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World of Warcraft: Patch 6.0.2 Inventory Changes

Patch 6.0.2, the pre-expansion patch, is a few weeks away from live realm launch and is already available for testing on the private test realm or PTR for those of that had not played the beta.

One of the major changes we liked was that blizzard adopted the bag styles of some much loved bag ui mods, lets go a little more in depth.

1. Inventory Management

The noticeable improvements to inventory overseeing could very easily be one of the big quality of life improvements headed our way once this patch lands. Each of your game bags can be given among the following designations: equipment, skills and consumables.

If you click the new Tidy up button all items will be sorted in your various bags based on these designations much like the current game modification Genie. Items will also get colored borders matching their rarity for being easily identified and vendor trash items should have a coin symbol indicating that they’ll be sold with simply no worry. In addition, tradeskill items can currently stack beyond 20 up to new welcomed maximum stacked items with 200.


These are trade skills, players can now unlock a new tab into their banks for keeping reagents. This new storage for recyclables will clear upward your bag room and keep it that way as crafting items won’t require reagents to be carried by the smoothness – they’ll be pulled directly in the bank and reagent standard bank if needed.

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Draenor WP Theme Complete

Today we mark the completion of the warlords template that Ejeet had been working on for the past months, we are happy to offer this all new WoD template later this week for the world to make wonderful world of warcraft websites with.

The core of the template is WordPress, but the layering is a pure easy to use guild master experience, you simply drag and drop widgets to make them active on your webpage at any time, the skin is responsive so it will look good on mobile devices too, but don’t take our word for it, check out the demo of this skin coming later this week exclusively to Ejeet Networks.

View Live Demo
( Please keep in mind the demo site may be under construction at any time. )

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Server updates, staff additions and gaming.

Ejeet is happy to announce that all of our network is now on our 10GBps networking allowing us to serve pages to you at the best speed without compromise, this is a very good day for us Ejeet Networks as a whole just grew again.

We understand that most of the links on our site are offline/non clickable since changing to the dark theme, we are aware of the issue but for all current clients you are unaffected as the links on this site have nothing to do with your site or the links on our client portal, our secure client portal is up and online to serve you 24×7 at

In recent gaming news the trailer for the warlords of draenor was pretty epic, time has changed and probably everything else in the game as history was re-written when Garrosh Hellscream killed the demon pitlord before his father could have made such a dark bargain by drinking mannoroths blood at the offer of Gul Dan …

Lastly we have a few new friendly faces in our support department I’m sure you will run into them soon!

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